6 Tips to Select Perfect Catering Venue

To make arrangement for the wedding is exciting and tiring at once. You must feel confused, perplexed and worried at the same time. And it is indeed confusing to choose cake, wedding dress, venue, menu, guests, flowers, decorations, sitting arrangements, vows, etc. However, you manage everything, once you decide the venue because if venue is not decided, how will you move further. It determines how easily your guests can arrive at the location, how perfectly it suits your occasion, how convenient it is for gathering the event supplies and other important criteria.

Well, having hosted a number of events, we are here to assist you in choosing the best barbecue restaurant catering location:

  1. Be realistic: If you go easy on your budget for the occasion you could make your guests happy with the food. When you select the location, just make sure it has basic arrangements. Sticking to your budget and setting a proper budget goal will help you list down the venues within your cost. There are some days when the venue costs low as compared to other popular days. Thus, take advantage of that offer.

  2. Convenience for guests: The location should be such that guests and caterers could arrive easily. It should be such a manner that after caterers arrange their set-up, there should be space for guests to comfortable sit and roam around. While in case of a wedding, you may want to book a venue which is close to the church or has a church with it, for convenience for your guests.

  3. Amenities and services: Make sure that your guests are comfortable at the venue. You do not want to choose a hall that is too small for too many guests and the one that is too large for lesser guests. It should have a good kitchen where your caterers can set up everything, it would be even better. Be smart while choosing the venue.

  4. Insurance coverage policies are a must: Make sure your catering venue has proper insurance. Hence, start early and talk to your insurance agent before planning anything related to your desired venue.

  5. Planning a layout: Before choosing the wedding venue, you must plan the whole layout of where there will be, alter and sitting arrangements, place to eat, dancing, everything. You cannot miss out or compromise on anything for the most important day of your life. The flow of traffic throughout the event, as well as the different event activities, should be planned from before to organize the required equipment.

  6. Parking areas: All the guests will arrive in their car and if your venue does not have enough parking spaces then they will be upset and will not bless you whole-heartedly. On a serious note, checking whether the venue provides a parking facility for your guests and attendees is crucial. If cab services are provided, the facilities of valet parking and ample parking space are some factors to check.

These tips will surely help you when you plan out your big day. Contact Mark’s feed store for menu and catering service. We have team of professionals who will arrange everything and will wind up everything once the event is over.


7 Tips For Hiring Affordable Catering Services

Hiring affordable catering services is not an easy task. It can eat up your event budget. However, it is not recommended to keep your guest hungry. So, what will you do both together – feed your guest and not kill your pockets at the same time?

Here are few tips to go easy on your pockets and keep your guests happy too…

  1. Make the list of food options:

The first step of hosting an event is to decide a number of guests and type of food you would like to serve them. It could be full dish containing chicken or shrimps or salad, pasta, etc. It could be barbecue even. Here are some of the ideas for food to serve your guests that is tasty and healthy as well.

  1. Choose a pocket-friendly package:

There are various restaurants and food stores that have pocket-friendly catering package which contains great food including dessert and starters. They also provide custom made packages where you can select the item of your choice and make your guests. Mark’s Feed in Louisville, Kentucky has 2 catering packages for you to choose from.

  1. Try the format of self-serve:

Self-serving is great format as people will get what they would like and avoid what they don’t and it will save you the cost of service staff. Buffet dinner is preferred choice as people can sit with whoever and whenever they want.

  1. Use smaller plates:

If you opt for smaller plates, people will eat less food and not waste it. You can also serve on smaller plates or bowls to control portion sizes on food coming out of the kitchen. This is especially useful for the higher value food on your menu. Also, smaller plates make food look more appetizing.

  1. Bring your own wine:

If you are holding an event in a hall or a ballroom, then carry your own wine with you. This will cost you less and your wine will be used for you to buy the new one. Also, it will impress your guests. Even if you have to pay corkage, it can still work out more economical, so it’s worth checking out.

  1. Spend good amount on starters and desserts:

People these days hardly eat a full meal. So focus more on starters and desserts. Keep starters and desserts in such a manner that people will hardly focus on the main curse and you can cut back on 2-3 items. Also, they will eat less due to the temptation of mouth-savouring dessert pies or cakes.

  1. Use the experience of your past events:

If you have hosted a party or event in past, go ahead and use the experience. If not then, talk to someone who has and asks for the tips from them. This will not let you make the same mistakes again.

These are the few tips for you to remember while hosting an event for the party in the packet-friendly budget.

How to choose perfect caterers for your event?

Whether you are organizing wedding or a business meet or simple backyard barbecue party, it is very important to choose perfect caterers. No matter how big or small the event is…your reputation is based on that. Louisville, KY is said to be home for tasty food restaurants and to lose reputation, it is a bit shameful. So, below mentioned are the few tips to choose the best BBQ restaurant in Louisville, KY.

bbq restaurants

  1. Customizing the area:

If you do not sufficient experience in hiring caterers, you could search on net or ask your friends. It is better to cut off potentially unsatisfactory caterers.

First of all, make the list of guests and decide the venue. This will help you choose caterers near your event place and there will be no chances left for them to be late.

bbq restaurantsbbq restaurants

  • Visit their kitchens:

Before hiring the caterers, make sure to visit their kitchens. This will give you idea about how they prepare their food items, how they will serve (the vessels, tables, staff, etc.) A chaotic and dry kitchen is a big NO.idea about how they prepare their food items, how they will serve (the vessels, tables, staff, etc.) A chaotic and dry kitchen is a big NO.

You much check the gauge and professionalism of the staff. Clean and hygienic food is must. After all, we don’t want our guests to fall ill…right?food is must. After all, we don’t want our guests to fall ill…right?

bbq restaurantsbbq restaurants

  • Menu Options:

Any restaurant providing catering service should have goo menu like Mark’s Feed. The Mark’s Feed has two options for catering:goo menu like Mark’s Feed. The Mark’s Feed has two options for catering:

  1. Blue Jeans which costs $7 per person.

  2. Boots and Bowtie which costs $8 per person.Bowtie which costs $8 per person.

You can choose from these two and you will not regret it. Mark’s feed has been serving people from all over the globe for last 25 years.

bbq restaurants

  • Staff availability:

It is essential to check staff availability during the time of event. You do not want to be in the baffling situation in front of your important guests. Also, if there won’t be enough of polite staff, you will be responsible for the mess created.event. You do not want to be in the baffling situation in front of your important guests. Also, if there won’t be enough of polite staff, you will be responsible for the mess created.

So, do not be a part of the mess and check the punctuality of caterers beforehand.

bbq restaurantsbbq restaurants

  • Menu tasting:

When you choose the menu, taste it beforehand. Also, if you know the people having allergies, you could organize for a special menu. This will win the hearts of guests and from next time, you will only be given the responsibility of organizing food.

So, to save your reputation and retain it for longer period of time, select Mark’s Feed catering services. It is one of the best barbecue restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky and its catering service is cheaper in price and best in quality and their staff is full of professional attitude.


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4 Reasons for Hiring Caterers

bbq restaurantsWhile organizing a party for relatives or office people, it is essential that you take care of the reputation. If the reputation is ruined, so are the relations with loved ones or colleagues. Hence, hire the caterers and save your reputation. It may cost you good bucks but it is worth it.

There are many BBQ restaurants in Louisville, but the best is Mark’s feed store. Now, why it is the best Louisville catering service, you check it out yourself.

Below mentioned are the 5 reasons why should you choose caterers…

  1. Handling allergies:

If you hire caterers, you will be able to handle the people with allergies. You could give the caterers list of the allergies people have and rest is to be assured by them. You do not have to take the pain of handling different people with different allergies.

  1. A variety of food items:

You will have the variety of food items to choose from with caterers. If you prepare the food yourself, you may not be able to finish on time. In addition to that, you have to take the pain of preparing varieties which will leave you exhausted and not give you chance to enjoy. Thus, hiring caterers will just give you worry about budget, that too if you contact other caterers, if you contact Mark’s feed you will get 2 options to choose from Blue Jeans Catering and Boots & Bowtie Catering

  1. Time saver:

Hiring caterers are beneficial in many ways, one of which is saving time. You do not have to set the table or decorate the place. You do not have to worry about serving as well as cleaning. All these worries are being taken by caterers.

  1. Setting ambience:

The theme parties are in-trend. As you match the clothes according to your theme party, why not food? You could ask your caterers about the matching theme foods and just go for it. The caterers will help you with many different themes such as retro, color, etc; all you need to do is some investigation.

Above mentioned are the quite convincing reasons for you to hire caterers. So, do not wait just contact Louisville’s best BBQ restaurant for catering service.

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5 Food Combinations, Not to Eat for Healthy Body

bbq restaurantsA good food nourishes the body as well as mind and soul too. It is said that a person who eats food, becomes like a person who cooks for him. Well, it is not in our control to see who cooks our food if we eat outside food, but there are certain combinations that will help us to maintain a healthy body. While having any party or occasion, we eat meal unaware of its ingredient, quality and quantity. Well contact Mark’s Feed for any kind of events like – house party, Corporate Food Catering, kid’s part, etc and check quality, quantity and ingredients by yourself to make sure you get the best.

Below mentioned are some combinations that will do no good to you…

  1. Fruits with meal: The first and foremost combination is meal and fruits. When you take meal avoid eating any kinds of fruit with it. It will restrain both of them in working their magic. Fruits contain acid and natural sugar which proves to be unhealthy if eaten with a meal. A meal will not have its effect and it will eventually lead to indigestion.

  2. Alcohol and sweets: Alcohol and sweets have never been a good combination. Alcohol mixed with sugar, imbalances the sugar levels in the human body, increasing the chances of high blood sugar levels. This could also give you cardiac arrest as well as diabetes.

  3. Burger and fries: Burgers and fries are the most dreadful combinations. They are full of fats and carbs which will directly target your body weight. These are overcooked food with fats and other chemicals will form a charcoal-like substance in your body resulting in early ageing and constantly increasing weight.

  4. Yogurt and fruits: Yogurt and fruit are a tasty combination but equally harmful. Low-fat yogurt is for reducing body weight while fruits to keep you energetic but combined together it leads to irritation and indigestion. It could have your energy drained in the morning and irritation in the noon. As yummy as it sounds, yogurt and fruit is one hell of a combination.

  5. Liquid with meals: Liquid with meals is once again a bad combination. While eating sipping water or any other drink affects indigestion. It will not let food follow the process and it leads to increased weight. Drink as much water as you wish but at least 10 minutes before you have your meal. After eating, drink liquid after an hour or longer for a more complex meal.

This initiative to spread awareness is taken by Mark’s Feed – one of the best BBQ Restaurants in Louisville, Kentucky. We have served America for 25+ years and will continue to do so.

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Choose Mark’s Feed for Event Catering Delivery

bbq restaurantsBarbecue parties are the universal sign for a family get together. They are always fun if you have few good people and a small yard to enjoy the campfire. It is not an easy task to host a good BBQ party especially when you yourself have to prepare food for all the members. You have equal right to enjoy the party but you have tension of working on the mouth-watering barbecue with perfect sauces. Worry no more – Mark’s feed is one of the Best BBQ Restaurants in KY that specializes in event catering delivery in Louisville.

Mark’s feed is the best restaurant in Louisville and credit all goes to their signature, awards winning sauces. Mark Erwin on whose name the restaurant is – has a unique recipe for an authentic sauce made up of 26 ingredients with a blend of 13 spices makes it different from other barbecues. Our outlets are at places: Middletown, Dixie Highway, Highlands, New Albany, Fern Creek, Elizabethtown, U of L Campus and Lexington.

We provide services like Catering, Dine-in, and Food truck.

Our event catering delivery service includes two types:

  1. Blue Jeans Catering: Blue Jeans catering starts with $6.50 per person.

  2. Boots and Bow Tie catering: Boots and Bow Tie catering starts with $7.50 per person.

We have an option of pork sandwich or chicken sandwich or a combo in catering options. Our side choice includes:

  • New Red Potato Salad

  • Southern Style Green Beans

  • Country Baked Apples

  • Chicken Pasta Salad

  • Bar-B-Q Baked Beans

  • Creamy Cole Slaw

  • Tossed Salad

  • Mac & Cheese

  • Cornbread Salad

We also have dessert options and beverages options. You do not need to worry about set-up and cleaning. Our servers will be in-charge of everything. You just have to fill out the request form to schedule us for your next big event or find out the truck’s upcoming locations.

Participation is as important as hosting and we understand that. So do not miss this opportunity to enjoy the best barbecue in Louisville. We promise you will come back with more people next time.

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