Food Truck Catering: A Guide for Event Managers

Food Truck Catering Louisville KY

Due to the recent peak in the food truck business, the entrepreneurs are readily launching different food palettes and platters as per the regional and international cuisines. But what if as an Event Manager you suggest your client a food truck catering Louisville KY over an In-house caterer? Yes, there are many benefits of merging the two. First is hiring multiple food trucks can provide flexibility in variety and quality to delight your guests. Next, is all the food orders cooked on site of the event, hot & fresh food filled with flavour and originality will certainly add plus points to the event. With a food truck around, people will get frequent chances to meet and greet different guests. Hence, it alters the event to be more cheerful occasion.

Top 10 Food And Restaurant Trends Of 2020

Top Restaurants in Louisville, KY

A lot of changes in the food and restaurant industry are taking place in 2020. The top restaurants in Louisville, KY, are bringing in food and restaurant trends of 2020. Kids’ menus will have more superfoods, and non-alcoholic and fermented beverage will become more popular. Makgeolli and biodynamic wine will be high in demand. Zero-waste management will be implemented in most restaurants. There will be more amounts of healthier dishes on the takeout, and delivery menus and pre-measured home meal kits will become a growing trend in top restaurants. Social experiences in restaurants will improve, the number of locavores will increase, and every restaurant will construct an open-kitchen. These are the few changes that are going to be in trend in 2020.

Check out the best restaurants in Louisville area

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Louisville is one of the best places to enjoy a pitcher of chilled beer and some good old fashioned steak. And the décor here is chill and great for hanging out with friends and family. Here our customers get a choice of the juiciest ribs and steaks in all of Louisville. Add to that our craft beer, side of dips and special sauces, and homemade ambiance, and you have the perfect hangout spot! You can even check out their website to know about the location, the menu, and the specials featured here at Marks Feeds. Just drop in an email or a call to get your reservations. The team will get back to you immediately.

Here’s Where To Find The Best BBQ Food In The Louisville

BBQ Near Me

Whenever you want to invite people over, and you think about typing “BBQ near me” know that you might not get what you need. In such situations, you need expert advice upon the dishes that you should order based on your family and friends’ preferences. So here is a list of few barbeque dishes that will help you. The Salmon Grilled with Orange Glaze is best for health-conscious people. The Barbequed Picnic Chicken is for picnic occasions. The Spicy Grilled Shrimp is good people who love seafood and spices. The Chicken Souvlaki with Tzatziki Sauce is suitable for people who prefer exotic food. The Grilled Corn with Cilantro Lime Butter is for people who love classic American peasant dishes. The Pollo a la Brasa (Peruvian Grilled Chicken) is suitable for people who prefer Peruvian food. These are the few dishes you can order.

The 8 Foods You Absolutely Must Eat in Louisville KY

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If you are in Louisville, Kentucky, there are few food items that you should eat by merely typing “affordable restaurants near me” in popular search engines, and then ordering them. Here is a list of 8 food items that you should eat in Louisville. Hot Brown, named after a restaurant, is a typical open Turkish sandwich. Fried chicken is very famous here. Burgoo is best for people to come closer and cook various ingredients into a broth. Try the Derby Pie if you have a sweet tooth. Order the Louisville style pizza if you are an ardent fan of pizzas. Modjeska candy is apt for your return back home. Beer cheese is the best side dish, and bacon on a stick is best for healthy eating competitions. These are the few foods you should try in Louisville.

Are you looking for Restaurants That Do Fundraisers?

If you are looking for Restaurants That Do Fundraisers, then Mark’s Feed Store is here to help you. Mark’s Feed Store is ready to give 15% of the sales if anybody gets through the scheduled event on the Charity feed day. This charity donation will help in a lot of ways. You can also discuss your Charity event that you are organizing and how you wish if Mark’s could participate. Mark’s Feed Store has the best BBQ catering that no one is having since 1988. They also focus on serving you with the best barbeques that you never had. They are popular because of the quality and the taste of the food that they maintain. They are also known for maintaining hygienic and cleaning factors while preparing the food. Get in touch with them at the earliest in case of a charity feed day.

5 Delicious Off-Site Kentucky Dining Options

What is the use of having fun in Kentucky when you cannot find a place to fill your empty stomach? Consuming air and water will not be the right thing to do, though. There are many reliable places to eat around Kentucky, where you and your family can have a fun experience. The biggest issue is, you do not know where to go, and the “best places to eat near me” option will help you find the right places to have a good meal. Before you choose an unknown restaurant to dine at, be sure to learn more about it. This knowledge will allow you to be sure that you are eating food at a restaurant that matches your standards. This blog has covered all the essential information for you to help you know about the best dining options.